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Mixed media

Pencil on 11 X 17 bristol.

Eggs for Eyes

Happy Halloween, Folks.

Acrylic on 12 X 14 Canvas Board.

Pencil on 11 x 14 bristol.

This is the closest I’ve ever come to a self portrait.

So, who am I? Am I a boy in the body of a beast? A man playing at childhood? A pie-in-the-sky-dreamer?


One day, I might just throw that balsa wood plane to see how far it goes.

I have a backlog of art to post. Much of it comes from work at the Art Institute. with fancy, useless pages created for my portfolio. I followed a simple design aesthetic for that portfolio, and tried to let the work do the talking. I’ve never been lucky in getting artistic work, but I enjoy my craft.

This page is a study of my feet in their natural habitat.

Pencil on bristol, color in photoshop. Tanuki-man with pants. Thank you, Tanuki-man.

Pencil on paper, colors in photoshop…..

Another one-sheet for Sunstorm Saga, this is a heavily manipulated photograph, twisted into shape by Photoshop and my stubborn will, with the goal of reflecting one of the characters in the tale.

I had a rant prepared regarding the lack of a day job and the fellow artists I know who seem to have no practical needs or wants….but I accidentally deleted that in favor of just wishing myself luck on the jobs front. Been unemployed since March 2012.

The art I’ve post is a random photoshop exercise. I wanted to create a space and do something like visionary art, though I am far out of practice in that discipline. I really liked the outcome and give a shiny middle finger to all the digital art ‘haters’ out there.

Oh, I love you guys, too!

Air Kaiju

I am deeply offended by people who place a higher value on one form of art or another. It is a pointless exercise. Does it reach you emotionally, or does it not? It’s art, either way.

That said, I do understand the satisfaction of holding the finished work in your hand. In digital art, you get prints.

Okay, enough griping. I LOVE Kaiju (giant,Tokyo-stomping monster for the uninitiated). I love mecha (piloted, mechanical, humanoid vehicles). I love the concept of the Golem (old jewish folk creature, like a stone-carved effigy, given life by an incantation or magic words carved into it, or so I’m told). This drawing is an attempt to do all three. It is pencil and ink on 11 x 17 bristol, digitally colored. The sky is a digitally manipulated phot I took of the sky above my home during this last summer, before the fires.